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Books by Mother Teresa:

  • The Best Gift is Love: Meditations by Mother Teresa; Mother Teresa; 1993
  • The Blessings of Love; Mother Teresa / Nancy Sabbag; 1996
  • My Life For the Poor; Mother Teresa; 1996
  • Loving Jesus; Mother Teresa / Jose Luis Gonzalez-Belado; 1991 
  • Life in the Spirit : Reflections, Meditations, Prayers, Mother Teresa of Calcutta; Mother Teresa;  1983
  • A Mother Teresa Treasury; Mother Teresa; 1985
  • In My Own Words; Mother Teresa / Josť Luis Gonzalez-Belado; 1996
  • A Simple Path; Mother Teresa; 1995
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta: A Fruitfull Branch on the Vine Jesus; Mother Teresa; 2000
  • A Gift for God; Mother Teresa; 1996
  • Heart of Joy; Mother Teresa; 1987
  • Jesus, The Word To Be Spoken; Mother Teresa; 1987
  • The Joy in Loving: a Guide to Daily Living With Mother Teresa;   Mother Teresa; 1997
  • Meditations From a Simple Path; Mother Teresa; 1996
  • No Greater Love; Mother Teresa; 1998
  • One Heart Full of Love; Mother Teresa; 1988
  • Words to Love By; Mother Teresa; 1989
  • Mary, Mother of Reconciliations; Mother Teresa; 1989
  • Works of Love Are Works of Peace: Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Missionaires of Charity; Michael Collopy and Mother Teresa; 1996
  • Stories Told By Mother Teresa; Mother Teresa et al; 2000
  • In The Heart of the World, Thoughts Stories & Prayers; Mother Teresa et al; 1997
  • Everything Starts from Prayer: Mother Teresa's Meditations on Spiritual Life for People; Mother Teresa; 2000
  • Total Surrender; Mother Teresa; 1993
  • Reaching Out in Love: Stories Told by Mother Teresa; Mother Teresa; 1999

Books about Mother Teresa:

  • Mother  Teresa: Love Stays; Christian Feldman; 1998
  • Mother Teresa: Called to Love; Maryanne Raphael, 2000
  • Mother Teresa: A Complete Authorized Biography; Kathermine Spink; 1998
  • Faith and Compassion: The Life and Work of Mother Teresa; Raghu Rai / Navin Chawla; 1997
  • The Life and Times of Mother Teresa: Tanya Rice; 1998
  • Suffering into Joy: What Mother Teresa Teaches About True Joy; Eileen Egan; 1994
  • Mother Teresa: Her Life, Her Works, Her Message;  Jose Luis Gonzalez-Belado; 1997
  • Mother Teresa; Julie Bach; 1992
  • Mother Teresa: Saint of the Poor; Nina Morgan; 1998
  • Mother Teresa: To live, to Love, to Witness: Her Spiritual Way; Lush Gjergji; 1998
  • Teresa of the Poor: The Story of Her Life; Renzo Allegri; 1996
  • Teresa of Calcutta: A Pencil in Gods' Hand; Franca Zambonini, Jordan Aumann; 1993
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Her Call, Her Example, Her Life Story; Sue Shaw; 1994
  • Mother Teresa: The Woman Who Served God with Her Hands; Ben Alex; 1995
  • My Life For the Poor: Mother Teresa of Calcutta; Jose Luis Gonzalez- Belado, Janet N. Playfoot; 1986
  • Such a Vision of the Street: Mother Teresa, the Spirit and the Work; Eileen Egan; 1986
  • Miracle of Love; Kathryn Spink; 1982
  • Love Until It Hurts: The Work of Mother Teresa and Her Missionaires of Charity; Daphne Rae; 1981
  • The young life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta; Claire J. Mohan; 1997
  • Mother Teresa: The Early Years;  Porter David; 1987
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta: a Biography; Edward Le Joly; 1985
  • Servant of Love: Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity;   Edward Le Joly; 1987
  • Something Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta; Malcolm Muggeridge; 1986
  • Mother Teresa: Her People and Her Work; Desmond Doig; 1976
  • Mother Teresa; Anne Sebba, Paul Crompton; 1982
  • Blessed Are You: Mother Teresa and the Beatitudes, Eileen Egan, Kathleen Egan; 1992 
  • Daily Readings with Mother Teresa; Teresa De Bertodano; 1994
  • Mother Teresa: A Life in Pictures; Roger Royle, Gary Woods; 1995
  • Mother Teresa: a Pictorial Biograpy; Joanna Hurley; 1997
  • Mother Teresa: Beyond the Image; Anne Sebba; 1997
  • Photographs of Mother Teresa's Missions of Charity in Calcutta, India; Mary E. Mark; 1985
  • Teresa of Calcutta: A Pictorial Biography; Robert Serrou; 1980
  • I Need Souls Like You: Sharing In The Work of Mother Teresa Through Prayer and Suffering; Kathryn Spink;1984
  • Suffering Into Joy: What Mother Teresa Teaches About True Joy; Eileen Egan, 1994
  • From Grief to Action: Caring on the Spirits of Princecss Diana and Mother Teresa; Anita Pace; 1998
  • The Life and Times of Mother Teresa; Tanya Rice; 1998
  • We do it for Jesus, Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity; E. Le Joly; 1977

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In Name of God's Poor

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