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Following the audience this evening with the adults from Italian Catholic Action in St. Peter's Square, the Pope spoke in remembrance of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, on the first anniversary of her death:

"What wonderful work this little woman from a modest family, knew how to do with the strength of faith in God and of love for her neighbor! "

"In reality, Mother Teresa was God's gift to the poorest of the poor and at the same time, for her extraordinary love for the marginalized, she was and remains a remarkable gift for the Church and for the world. Her total gift to God, each day reconfirmed in prayer, was translated into a total gift for her neighbor.

"In Mother Teresa's smile, movements and words, Jesus once again walked the roads of the world like the Good Samaritan, and continues to do so in the Missionaries of Charity, who make up the large family which she founded. We thank the daughters and sons of Mother Teresa for their radical choice for the Gospel and we pray for them all, so that they might always be faithful to the charism which the Holy Spirit stirred up in the heart of their foundress.

"Let us not forget the great example left by Mother Teresa, and let us not limit ourselves by commemorating her with words! May we have the courage to always put the person first and their fundamental rights. To the heads of nations, be they rich or poor, I say: do not put your trust in the power of arms! Proceed decisively and faithfully on the path of disarmament, so as to destine necessary resources to the true, main objectives of civilization, to combat in unity against hunger and sickness, so that every person may live and die with dignity. God himself wants this, and reminds us of it also through the testimony of Mother Teresa. "May she help and accompany us to Heaven!"