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Welcome to the signup page for the
Mother Teresa: Path of Love Catholic Webring

This webring links homepages devoted to Mother Teresa, Catholic works, or any works or topics that follow the principles of love and charity. Mother Teresa said, "Good deeds are links that form a chain of Love." Let each of our pages represent a good deed in Mother's honor!


Why join a Webring?

Joining a Ring is easy and free, and a great way to gain more exposure for your webpage. A Webring links together sites of the same subject. It enables a visitor to start at any site on the ring and continue on to other sites in the ring by clicking NEXT or PREVIOUS, eventually returning to the webpage the visitor started at. In this webring, surfers will follow a PATH OF LOVE through Catholic sites, tribute sites to Mother Teresa, and other homepages of love and goodwill.

Criteria to Join:

1. Your page must be a tribute to Mother Teresa,  a Catholic site, or a personal homepage of positive content.

2. You must keep a well maintained site that will be beneficial to others.

3. You must agree to put the Webring code on your page so that others can navigate to and from your site to other sites in the ring. You must carry the code on the URL page you submit to the webring.

4. Please tour the ring periodically and support  fellow webring members by visiting their sites and signing their guestbooks.  As you view the pages, look for the beauty and love in each one, and you will finish your tour with a lightened heart. 

How to join:

1. To join the Ring Click here.

2. You will be given a navigation code. Install this code on the webpage URL you submit to the ring.  Below is how the Ring navigation bar will look on your page: